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Reeves, John Sr.

John was born in Macon, Ga., March 27, 1944, to Pauline Blizzard Reeves and Byron Eugene Reeves. John spent most of his early years living with John Henry Blizzard and Carrie Blizzard, his mother's parents. His parents traveled in their work and had to depend upon her parents for help, as neither side of the family was financially well off. When John was about five years of age, his parents were finally able to have their family together in a rented home near Greensboro, NC. It was here, at the age of six, that he started his school years. Jamestown high, an all grade high school, was attended in the first, second, and part of a third year term prior to John being sent to the boarding school, Georgia Military Academy, in College Park, Ga. This was to be the seat of his education both academically and spiritually thru the year 1962, when he graduated.

John attended the University of Georgia at Athens, Ga. upon leaving High School. He spent approximately two years feeling very out of place. The year of 1964, found John quitting college, joining the family corporation for employment, and being drafted into the Naval Air Reserve. The family company, Southeastern Advertising and Sales System, Inc, was an education he could not benefit from at any other time in his life. The formative years found John working in maintenance, collections, personal sales, and sales management positions. He spent about one year in maintenance and collections; one additional year in personal sales, and the remainder of a six year period, from 1964 to 1969, in sales management. This management involvement was performed at Oaklawn Memorial Gardens in Winston Salem, NC, Roselawn Memorial Gardens in San Antonio, TX, and Westview Cemetery in Atlanta, Ga. A marriage to Sheila Marlene Hamby and their first two children, Angela Dawn Reeves, born April 2nd, 1966 and John Thomas Reeves, Jr., born July 14th, 1967 were all apart of this busy developing and maturing period. Byron Eugene Reeves, John's father, co-founder and the President of S.A.S.S. Inc., died June 2nd 1969.

Following the death of his father, John worked as Vice President and District Sales Manager for Southeastern Advertising and Sales System, under the direction of Byron Duke Reeves. Karoline Kimberly Reeves, John's third child was born on December 7th, 1971. The travel became adverse to John's health and to his marriage. A bout with diverticulitis, lasting from February 14th 1977 thru February 14th 1978, came very near to removing John from this world. The job of General Manager of Georgia Memorial Park in Marietta, Ga. was given to John to eliminate his traveling requirements. Regardless of this new position and the birth of his third child, nothing seem to improve the relationship John had with Sheila and in 1983, she finally sued for divorce.

Moving to Macon, Ga. is something that had never crossed John's mind, yet, when the company purchased Macon Memorial Park in 1985 that is exactly where he ended up. Valentines Day 1985 was the arrival day for this new venture. This was a very lucrative decision, affording him an excellent income and the opportunity to work away from the hub of the corporation. John met his present wife, J. Deborah Mc Bride Bonner. This relationship has gifted him with a boy names Adam Thomas Reeves, born July 19, 1992. The two marriages to Sheila and to Deborah have created the most beautiful family of four children and five grandchildren.

The corporation of Southeastern Advertising and Sales System inevitably had to capitalize for the Reeves family. Byron D. Reeves, the eldest son of the family, and other family members, all of which had corporate working positions and were on the Board of Directors, voted to sell the company in 1993. John found himself without any family business obligation other than that of the ones to his own immediate family. Safeway Security System, Inc. and a few single family dwelling rental properties were the extent of his holdings. His future income was highly dependent upon the capital revenue of the corporation sale of stock.

John's family had grown to an age were he could be interactive on an adult level. There were grandchildren here and the promise of more to come. It was an exciting time to see his family grow and to be out on his own buying cemeteries and planning on them growing. His first business venture on February 24th, 1994, was the acquiring of Bellevue Memorial Gardens, Inc. in Grovetown, Ga., serving the city of Augusta, Ga. One year later John bought Pineview Memorial Gardens, Inc., serving North Augusta, SC. After trying to manage both cemeteries while living in Macon, Ga., the decision was made by John and his wife Deborah to move to Augusta, Ga.

His ship has now been launched in his own privately run and owned Cemetery Industry Corporations. John learns what his father had experienced in business years earlier, nothing ever stays the same. With time racing on and two business to personally manage, John and his wife Deborah decided they would be best served managing one business well, instead of having no time for personal and family. Today, John is still in the security system and cemetery business, with dreams of further expanding his interest in building, developing, and adding to the beautiful view of Bellevue Memorial Gardens and Chapel Mausoleum.

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